Midway Group

The Midway Group agency is an entirely new platform for artists which was created to help support Quebec’s numerous DJs in their career development. With Electronic music growing in popularity all over the world, the agency decided to position itself to become the leading reference for quebecois DJs hoping to break through in this highly competitive industry. Currently representing 14 DJs, it provides their artists with necessary tools and continuous support to help launch their careers. Be it in terms of contract negociations, representation abroad, prospecting or marketing development, Midway Group acts as an advisor and support their artists allowing them to keep focus on what's more imporatant: their craft. The agency is proud to boast some of the top names in Quebec nightlife among their artists such as: Tizi, Miss Shelton, Domeno and Kleancut. It's safe to say that at Midway Group, the future is bright!